Sales & Negotiation


Sales & Negotiation Skills

Certificate of Completion

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Requirements Open entry policy

Course Aims
This course is suitable for those involved in the retail sector or sales representatives in all sectors.

Participants are trained to maximise their sales potential by learning the rules of selling. From prospecting and establishing interest, to presenting and closing.

Course Outline:

Sales Techniques:

  •  Tips and techniques for improving communication skills and personal
  •  Pre-call planning and getting an interview.
  •  Planning a presentation.
  •  Tips for Negotiating
  •  Approaching a customer / Opening the sale
  •  Questioning and listening techniques.
  •  Dealing with objections.
  •  Selling benefits.
  •  Closing the sale and the ability to identify and implement closing techniques.
  •  Learning how to systematically keep in touch with both customers and
     potential customers.
  •  Case studies and role-play are an important part of this course.

The Negotiation Process:

  •  Preparation: Research, Planning Strategy & Tactics
  •  Opening the Meeting: Sharing of Position and Interests
  •  Conducting Negotiation: Exploring positions, bidding and bargaining,
     identifying concessions; finding common ground.
  •  Moving Towards Agreement: Concluding, clarifying and recording the
     agreements reached.
  •  Reaching Agreement; Follow-up
  •  Effective Negotiating and Personal Influence Tips
  •  Negotiation Role Plays for Skills Development
  •  Negotiation self-assessment exercises throughout the day.



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