Food Safety


Certificate in Food Safety & HACCP (QQI Level 5)

Course Aims

  • To provide basic knowledge and understanding of HACCP as a preventative food safety management system that can be applied to all sections of the food industry.
  • To provide a basic introduction to HACCP systems and a simple overview of the terminology, principles and practical application of HACCP for ‘food handler’s. The term ‘food handler’ taken to be any employee who comes into direct contact with foodstuffs for human consumption.
  • The programme is designed to enable industry to conform to legislation, various EU Directives and the Irish Standards.

Course Outline

  • Understand the principles of Food Safety and demonstrate the highest food hygiene standards to guarantee food quality and product safety.
  • Understand the principles of HACCP and take a lead role in the workplace in putting HACCP plans in place including evaluation of food hazards in food operations.
  • Evaluate their own food operation with respect to hygiene, food safety, quality management, legislative requirements, consumer health and safety, etc.
  • Causes and prevention of food spoilage and measures for controlling hazards.
  • Understand the principles of Food Safety Management and pre requisite requirements, including controlling hazards, personal hygiene, cleaning, pest control, general hygiene in the workplace and supplier control.

Course Work

  • Summary Examination (Theory Based) 60%
  • Assignment 40%: Candidates will be required to complete a HACCP plan based on a case study model for submission 4 weeks after completion of the course.

Thursday, 7pm – 10pm, 6 weeks.  Upcoming in 2015.  Please call if you would like to reserve a place.


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