Personalised Skills Analysis, CV & Job Interview Preparation


Personalised Skills Analysis, CV & Job Interview Preparation

Course Aims
To offer guidelines for job-seekers on how to evaluate their individual strengths, establish a job-seeking plan of action, make job applications and prepare for the all important interview.  The job interview may be challenging and tense, however, the purpose is to introduce the job seeker to the decision–maker, the person who wants to hire.  This course aims to help participants to:

  • Develop a positive approach to job-seeking
  • Build confidence through examining and acknowledging achievements and accomplishments in life so far
  • Improve communication skills and develop techniques for portraying a confident image
  • Do the preparation necessary to maximise interview performance on the day

Course Outline:

Day 1: My Personal Skills Set

  • Self-evaluation exercises
  • Get to know my own personal skills set.
  • Training and Personal Development Plan
  • Sourcing jobs.

Day 2 Interview preparation:

  • Selling yourself and your skills-set.
  • Composing a two-minute autobiography
  • 8 Qualities employers are looking for.
  • Questions you will have to answer.
  • Personal presentation.
  • Questions to ask.
  • Interview pitfalls and how to handle them.
  • Personal job-seeking fears: ‘No-one will want to hire me because…!’

Day 3: Job Applications

  • Preparing the CV and adapting it to suit a particular vacancy.
  • Covering letters and application forms.

Certificate of Completion

12 February 2016, Friday, 10am – 1pm, 3 weeks.

Entry Requirements
Open entry policy


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