Digital Technology Skills


Digital Technology Skills

Course Aims

Digital technologies are changing the way we conduct our private, social and business lives.  This course will bring people of all ages and experience up to date with their multimedia skills

Course Outline

Using your Digital Camera and enhancing photographs

  • Setup guide to installing your camera software
  • Remove red eye, straighten, lighten and crop your photographs on the computer
  • Photograph fixing
  • File Management of your photographs

Uploading and Downloading Music

  • Setup guide to using your Digital Media device
  • How to download music from the Internet
  • File Management of your music
  • Burn songs from your library to an audio CD
  • Rip music from your CDs to your computer

Creating a sideshow using Photo Story

  • Importing, arranging and editing pictures
  • Adding Titles and Transitions to Pictures
  • Narrating Pictures and adding Music
  • Creating a CD and a DVD

Creating a movie using Windows Movie Maker

  • Importing, arranging and editing videos and pictures
  • Adding Music and Sounds
  • Add Narration, Transitions and Video Effects
  • Titles and Credits to complete a movie

October 2016, 10am – 3pm, 2 days


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