The Skills of Managing and Leading People


Course Aims

‘The Skills of Managing and Leading People’ course is designed to assist managers, front line supervisors or those seeking promotion in developing their management and interpersonal effectiveness.  Participants will gain a greater understanding of communication, management and leadership styles and their impact on others.  Approaches and techniques for improving personal influence will be explored and practiced.  Case studies and real-world examples will be emphasised.

Course Outline:

Part 1:

  • The role of a manager and the role of the supervisor.  Identifying the skills of management and supervision.  Understanding good leadership; Leadership v Management.  Understanding management and leadership styles and identifying your own personal style and its impact on staff.
  • Communication skills:  understanding assertiveness and dealing with the communication behaviours of others.  Develop listening skills; non-verbal communication and observation techniques; questioning techniques; giving instructions, interview techniques, feedback skills.

Part 2:

  • Managing Performance:  target setting, giving feedback, taking corrective action, dealing with conflict.
  • Employee Appraisal Techniques: key areas of appraisal; creating trust and openness; setting objectives; appraisal interview preparation.  The role of job descriptions and ‘people descriptions’.
  • Poor Performers: gathering evidence; preparing for the interview; improvement action plan.
  • Coaching Techniques: What is coaching, setting objectives for coaching, conditions for good coaching and monitoring progress.

Part 3

  • Motivation: Overview of the theory, current practices and motivational tools.  Examine your own motivation style and practice.  Delegation skills and problems.
  • Introduction to Team Building:  Roles within a team; stages of team development; meeting individual needs; individual responsibilities; maintaining the team.

Part 4

  • Time management: Components of an effective time management system, identifying your time wasters/stressors and how you can manage your time more effectively
  • Managing meetings:  Organising the meeting and setting the agenda. Chairing a meeting and conducting a meeting effectively.

Certificate of Completion

17 February, Friday,  10am – 1pm, 3 weeks

Entry Requirements
Open entry policy


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