Effective Interpersonal and Customer Service Skills


Course Aims and Opportunities

In our modern working and home environment assertiveness has become an essential skill towards coping with the stress and pressures we all face. By increasing our assertiveness awareness and communicating more effectively we will increase our self-esteem, make more better use of our time and gain more positive results from many situations.

Positive first impressions and excellent customer care are essential ingredients in the success of any organisation. Participants will gain understanding of their role in making the company successful and the importance of customers. Techniques for improving communication skills, professionalism and positive personal image are strongly emphasised.

Course Outline

  • Understanding Effective Communications.
  • What are Assertive, Non-assertive and Aggressive behaviours.
  • Effects of these behaviours on you, others and the organisation.
  • Benefits of assertive behaviour to you, others and the organisation.
  • Verbal and non-verbal aspects of behaviours.
  • What are your rights and responsibilities?
  • How acceptance of rights and responsibilities helps in negotiation
    and interpersonal relations.
  • How beliefs affect our behaviour and the results we get.

Communication Skills Development (including role plays):

  • Making requests of colleagues, business associates
  • Disagreeing and stating your views.
  • Giving and accepting praise.
  • Giving bad news.
  • Contributing assertively at meetings
  • Negotiating assertively.
  • Dealing with non-assertive and aggressive behaviour in others.

Customer Service Techniques:

  • Making requests of colleagues, business associates
  • Understanding ‘excellent customer service’ and bad customer service.
  • Telephone etiquette and screening calls; making effective business calls.
  • Front desk organisation; appointments; booking forms, etc.
  • Proactive employee attitudes; Knowledge of products and services.
  • Sales enquiries, customer complaints and awkward customers.
  • 14 Key Elements in Excellent Customer Service.


Certificate of Completion

7 February, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 10am – 1pm

Entry Requirements
Open entry policy


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