Certificate in Behavioural Studies


Certificate in Behavioural Studies – Fetac Level 5

Course Aim

  • This course will be of interest to anyone who wants to explore why people behave in certain ways.
  • It will also interest people managers, marketing staff, business owners who want to understand behaviour and apply it to business, management and marketing.
  • The learner will develop insights to help them predict behaviour in a range of social, cultural and organisational contexts.
  • Learners will explore concepts such as the influence of perception, motivation, personality, social groups/class and culture on consumer decision-making.
  • The module will also provide a solid foundation for higher level studies in business, marketing or social studies.
  • Candidates can go on to study other business modules and progress to further qualifications in business or management.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to the study of human behaviour.
  • Methods used to research behaviour.
  • Practical applications of the study of behaviour, e.g., marketing, managing people, behaviour modification, etc.
  • Perception and the factors which influence a person’s view of the world around them.
  • The learning process.
  • Theories related to the marketing of goods and services.
  • Processes of memory, including short term, long term, forgetting.
  • Understanding motivation and how it effects human behaviour.
  • Methods of personality assessment.
  • What is attitude? How is attitude formed?
  • The influence of socialisation and culture
  • Organisational structure and communications systems.
  • Leadership and employee motivation.

Course Work

  • Assignment 1 (20%): Assignment on organisational behavour, e.g., leadership, communication, organisational culture.
  • Assignment 2 (20%): Research and analysis on a behaviour topic such as perception, learning, motivation, personality, atittude, etc. company/product.
  • Written theory test (60%).

Tuesday, 7pm – 10pm, 12 weeks

Entry Requirements
FETAC Level 4, Leaving Certificate or Leaving Certificate Applied, mature students with relevant work or life experience.


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