Introduction to Programme with Java


Introduction to Programme with Java

Course Aims and Opportunities
Java is one of the most popular programming languages.  Its popularity is mainly bases on being a platform-independent programming language.  Students will learn to develop platform-independent desktop applications.  This course is easily understandable, delivered with numerous examples and practical content.  Ideal place to start for those interested in a career in software development.

Course Outline

  • Overview of data types and variables
  • Explain arithmetic operators and constants
  • Differentiate the key characteristic of programming languages
  • Create expressions using appropriate operators
  • Design and write iterative structures to solve particular problems
  • Design and construct flowcharts/PDL/psuedocode that demonstrate logic to solve a given task
  • Examine the principles of 00 programming

7 October, Wednesday, 7pm – 10pm, 10 weeks


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