System Software


Certificate in System Software – FETAC Level 5

Course Aims

The course will enable students to develop a comprehensive range of skills necessary for a career as a Computer Technician.  The course will give participants a practical understanding and knowledge in building and maintaining PC systems as well as maintaining software.

Course Outline
Learners who successfully complete this will be able to:

  • Identify the various types of operating systems available and describe the roles they play.
  • Differentiate between the various filing systems used in operating systems, e.g., FAT, NTFS.
  • Format hard disks and configure hard disk partitions.
  • Install, configure and optimise an operating system.
  • Install, configure and update various device drivers.
  • Use systems software utilities to create files, folders, shared folders and manage desktops.
  • Use systems software to manage various storage media.
  • Implement procedures for changing file and folder attributes and understand the ramifications, e.g. security issues.
  • Recognise when to use common diagnostic utilities and system tools to perform elementary maintenance/upgrade of an operating system.

Unit 1 Fundamental Concepts of Operating System
Unit 2 Filing Systems
Unit 3 Systems Software and System Utilities
Unit 4 System Security
Unit 5 Troubleshooting

Course Work

Skills Demonstration 70%: Candidates will prepare storage media for system install, install a full working operating system, install and configure peripheral devices & device drivers, optimise operating system using appropriate system utilities, secure an operating system, troubleshoot system specific problems, develop simple system/device recovery strategies.

Examination 30%

Duration /Start
October, Saturday, 10am – 2pm, 10 weeks

Entry Requirements
FETAC Level 4 Certificate, Leaving Certificate or equivalent qualification and/or relevant life or work experiences.  Computer skills essential


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