Computer Aided Design – 3D Sketchup


Computer Aided Design – 3D Sketchup

Course Aim

  • 3D sketch-up is used to create 3D models of anything -a 3D model of a house, redesign a new piece of furniture, etc.
  • Students will learn to draw and render a 3D model of a cottage incorporating people, trees, cars,symbols,etc.
  • Aimed at designers, draughtsmen, enginners, architects, interior designer or anyone who wishes to learn 3D drawing.

Course Content

  • Introduction to sketch-up and its advantages.
  • Setting and navigating the drawing
  • Explanation of the coordinate system
  • Toolbar set up; drawing lines and creating volumes.
  • Editing, deleting, rotating, offsetting etc.
  • Text creation.
  • Extruding volumes to create shapes i.e. external walls and roof
  • Dimensions
  • Rendering with different finishes i.e. stone,  timber, slates, etc.
  • Presentation styles; Sun projection and shadow.
  • Printing; conversion and exporting of model to jpeg, tiff etc.
  • Using the on-line library to insert symbols e.g. trees, people, cars, etc.

Entry Requirements

Basic knowledge of computer applications and Basic AutoCAD

October,  Tuesday, 7pm – 9pm, 8 weeks


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