Advanced Web Design


Web Design – Advanced Adobe Dreamweaver

30 May, 2 day course, 10am – 3pm

Entry Requirements
Experienced computer users. Basic knowledge of Adobe Dreamweaver and/or completion of Dreamweaver training course.

Course Aims
Dreamweaver is a text editor for HTML and JavaScript to make web design easier. Adobe Dreamweaver is an ideal tool for Web site design and you can use this innovative software to create Web sites with the most advanced features possible on the Web. The aim of the course is to bring student to the stage where they are making more advanced their own web pages and sites.

Course Content

  •  Understanding how HTML works – Structure, Defining Elements, Adding to the <.body>, Working with Code view and Code Inspector, Working with tags, Using HTML Styles
  • Incorporating Advanced WML – Setting up Tables, making Client-Side Image Maps, Interactive Forms, using Frames and Framesets
  • Extending HTML through Dreamweaver – Accessing External programs, Creating and Using Objects, Using Behaviours
  • Adding Multimedia Elements – Fireworks Integration, Inserting Flash and Shockwave Elements, Adding Video to your Web Page, Adding Audio to your Web Page
  • Working with Dynamic HIML and Dreamweaver -Defining Dynamic HTML, Building Style Sheet Web Pages, Working with Layers, Working with Timelines
  • Creating Next-Generation Code with Dreamweaver -Extending with XML and Understanding JavaScript


Training Materials
Training materials provided.

€275.00 2 days course


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