Protection for Learners – QQI

Protection for Learners Requirement re QQI Programmes – Student Information

As Rossan College operates in the private sector and runs educational programmes on a commercial basis, we are therefore subject to Section 43 of the Qualifications Act.  This section of the Act addresses the issue of Protection for Learners in the event that Rossan College ceases to operate or to run a QQI programme.

To protect students who are enrolled on QQI Programmes Rossan College undertakes to do the following:

  1. Have Financial Bond arrangement in place to protect student fees.
  2. Inform all prospective students that Section 43 of the Qualifications Act applies to Rossan College and that we are bound to have procedures in place for the protection of learners.
  3. Hold a QQI Programme Induction which informs learners in detail re Protection for Learners, names of alternative providers, procedures, etc.
  4. Provide written ‘Guidelines for Students’ on the matter of Protection for Learners.
  5. Agree policy and procedures for protection for learners with QQI for quality assurance purposes.


Marian McGuinness

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