Moodle for Teachers and Tutors


Course Aims
Moodle can be used to design courses which take place totally online or to supplement face-to-face lessons in a traditional classroom setting

  • It is technology designed to help teachers and students and enhance teaching and learning in any classroom.
  • This course will be of interest to teachers, trainers, students, or anyone who wants to learn how to share multimedia learning resources in an interactive and engaging way.

Course Outline
Step by step you will learn how to use Moodle as an educational aid in a teaching and training environment. You will learn to set up an account and how multimedia resources such as text files, graphics, photos and videos can be loaded and manipulated.

  • Features of on-line learning system shown through staff and learner pages
  • Course creation and layout modification
  • Adding resources
  • File management
  • Activity modules – Forum, Choice, Chat, Glossary, Quiz, Wiki, Assignment
  • Creating a question bank
  • Archival, importing and sharing

10 October, Tuesday, 7pm – 10pm, 3 weeks


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