Certificate in Communications, Front Office Skills & Customer Service – QQI Level 5


Course Content

Students will be trained in:

Communications 5N0690

  • Understanding the communication process, barriers to effective communications and the effects of perception, attitude, beliefs and culture on the outcomes of the communication process.
  • Developing effective interpersonal communication skills, assertiveness training, practising and gaining confidence in a variety of situations, e.g., dealing with clients, dialogue and negotiating for ourselves, interviews, information provision, advocacy, meetings, professional presentations, etc.
  • Reading, analysing and critiquing the written word.
  • Writing skills in areas such as business correspondence, e-mails, reports, research assignments and personal writing.
  • Use of visual and non-verbal communication.
  • Using communications technology efficiently and appropriately in business or office settings and appreciate the implications, issues and legislation related to the use of ICT and information systems.

Reception Skills and Customer Service 5N0972

  • Identify the key features of good customer service, to include distinguishing between different kinds of customers, making a good first impression, meeting customer needs, catering for diversity and disability, understanding and responding to customer perceptions
  • Explain the standards or rating system by which customer service is developed and measured in an industry-specific area
  • Identify key elements of consumer legislation and the functions of associated regulatory organisations providing customer protection, representation and redress
  • Explain how customer service enhances organisational effectiveness and success, to include practical examples of organisations with good customer care
  • Describe how customer perceptions can be influenced, to include elements such as the physical environment, printed materials, the personal presentation and conduct of a customer contact person
  • Apply the personal skills, qualities and attitudes required to perform effectively when dealing with customers, to include active listening skills, positive body language and observation of customer behaviour
  • Use appropriate communication technologies to include, telephone, audio visual, conferencing, email and other interactive media in a range of customer service situations
  • Use written and verbal skills to include appropriate style, language and tone
  • Handle a range of correspondence and records providing a service to the customer, to include orders, invoices, payments, and correspondence made both in writing and electronically
  • Respond to customer complaints and compliments in accordance with organisational policy
  • Handle a range of challenging situations, to include late and unexpected arrivals, customer errors, difficult customers, changing environments.

Work Experience 5N1536

  • The work experience module offers an opportunity for learners to demonstrate work-based competences under supervision in their chosen field of learning.
  • The aim of the module is to enhance participants’ career development, prepare them for the work environment and consolidate the knowledge gained in other vocation-related modules.  They will explore vocational areas of interest, research employment opportunities and gain work experience which will help further career goals.
  • Participants  will conduct a personal skills analysis,  prepare a professional CV and personal statement, prepare and practice for job interviews.
  • Learners will be encouraged to evaluate the skills gained through work experience and set goals for  their continuing career development.

Course Work

  • Assessment will comprise of assignments and skills demonstrations.
  • Successful candidates will be awarded QQI level 5 Component Certificate in Communications, Customer Service and Work Experience.

24 January, Tuesday, 7pm – 10pm, 16 weeks

Entry Requirements
QQI Level 4, Leaving Certificate or Leaving Certificate Applied, mature students with relevant work or life experience, English language proficiency if appropriate.


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