Web Design and Maintenance – Dreamweaver, WordPress and Photoshop


Web Design and Maintenance – Dreamweaver, WordPress and Adobe Photoshop

Course Aims

The course commences with an introduction to Adobe Photoshop, the most widely used photo-editing package on the market, and the favourite in the design industry.  Participants will be trained to design a website using Adobe Dreamweaver, the professional web editing software.  The course  provides a comprehensive hands-on guide to using WordPress to set up and maintain a website or blog.  WordPress is a popular free software, which allows users with little or no knowledge of web design and programming to build professional websites.  

Course Content: Adobe Photoshop

  • Using scanning equipment
  • Photoshop’s environment and Navigation
  • Adding content with Drawing, Painting and Editing tools
  • Selecting Image Content; Working with image files
  • Working with Layers; Adding variety with Masks
  • Using Paths; Applying Filters
  • Fine-tuning your image: Blurring, Smudging, Sharpening, Dodging, Burning, Sponging, Patching
  • Adjusting your image; Colour Correction, Red Eye Correction, Teeth Whitening, Changing Colours, Blemish Correction, Cutting out from a photograph
  • Colour and Border Effects
  • Enhancing Effects – sharpening, distortions, slimming, wrinkles
  • Composition of a photograph, image size and orientation
  • How to reduce the size of files

Course Content: Adobe Dreamweaver

  • Overview of Web Design with Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Dreamweaver interface: preferences; defining your site; floating palettes
  • Creating, Editing and Formatting a basic web page
  • Using Dreamweaver: page properties; head content; meta tags, keywords
  • Adding Hyperlinks using text, images, jump menus, Flash buttons and Flash text Inserting Images and Image Behaviours
  • Working with Tables
  • Working with Forms – creating, editing and checking validity
  • Creating and Formatting a Frameset
  • Creating JavaScript actions: rollover effects; alert message; form validation; animated JPEGs; sound effects; control of Flash layers and their behaviours; cascading style sheets
  • Site Management, Publishing and maintaining a website

Course Outline: WordPress

  • WordPress Setup and Layouts – Blog and Website
  • WordPress Installation
  • Logging in to WordPress
  • Adding Content – Pages and Posts
  • Adding Images
  • Understanding tags and Categories
  • Page and Post Title
  • Making Page and Post Names Search Engine Friendly
  • Understanding themes
  • Modifying WordPress- using Plugins and themes

4 February, Thursday, 7pm – 10pm, 12 weeks

Entry Requirements
Basic knowledge of computer applications including Microsoft Windows


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