Sales and Negotiation Skills


Course Aims

  • This course is suitable for business and sales people in all sectors who want to understand good negotiation techniques and improve sales success.
  • Participants are trained to maximise their sales potential by learning the rules of selling. From establishing interest, to presenting and closing.
  • Negotiation skills are used in every aspect of life and business to achieve good results so understanding the processes involved in crucial for success.
  • Case studies, role plays and self-assessment throughout.

Course Outline

The Negotiation Process:

  • Improving communication skills, assertiveness & positive attitude
  • Understanding the negotiation process
  • Preparation: research, planning strategy & tactics
  • Opening the meeting: sharing of position and interests
  • Conducting negotiation: exploring positions, bidding and bargaining, identifying concessions; finding common ground.
  • Moving towards agreement: concluding, clarifying and recording.
  • Effective negotiating and personal influence tips

Sales Skills

  • Pre-call planning, setting up meetings, planning your presentation
  • Approaching a customer / opening the sale
  • Questioning and listening.
  • Dealing with objections & selling benefits.
  • Closing the sale, identify and implement various closing techniques.Keeping in touch with customers and potential customers

24 March, Friday, 10am – 1pm, 3 weeks.

Entry Requirements
Open entry


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