Introduction to Computers – Word Processing, Internet, Email, File Management, and Social Media


Course Aims

The aim of this course is to give new users of all ages a relaxed and successful introduction to computing. You will be able to produce and print basic documents, send and receive emails and use the Internet, Skye and Facebook.

Course Outline

Word Processing: Creating, saving, editing and formatting documents.

Internet: Searching the web, viewing web sites, buy & sell online, online banking.

Skype: Download, install and set up Skype, add a new contact, search for people, make a Skype call and send instant messages (ims).

Email: Set up a gmail account, send and receive e-mail and attachments, use contacts feature.

Social Media: How to register and join Facebook, tour of Facebook. Create a profile, use the wall, post pictures, find and add friends.

File Management: Concepts of files and folders and organising your computers. Copy, Move, Rename, Delete and Restore Files. Moving/Copying files to a CD or Flash Drive.

24 January, Tuesday and Wednesday, 7pm – 10pm, 2 days

Entry Requirements
Open entry


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