Advanced Web Design – Adobe Dreamweaver


Advanced Web Design – Adobe Dreamweaver

Option 1: 10 October, Wednesday, 7pm – 9pm, 8 weeks
Option 2: 6 February, Wednesday, 7pm – 9pm, 8 weeks

Entry Requirements

Experienced computer users. Basic knowledge of Adobe Dreamweaver and/or completion of Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver course.

Course Aim
Dreamweaver is a text editor for HTML and JavaScript to make web design easier. With Adobe Dreamweaver you can create Web sites with the most advanced features possible on the Web.

Course Content

  • How HTML works – Structure, Defining Elements, Adding to the , Code view and Code Inspector, Tags, HTML Styles.
  • Incorporate Advanced WML – Set up Tables, make Client-Side Image Maps, Interactive Forms, use Frames and Framesets.
  • Extend HTML through Dreamweaver – Access External programs, Create and Use Objects, Using Behaviours.
  • Add Multimedia Elements – Fireworks Integration, Inserting Flash and Shockwave Elements, Add Video and Audio to your Web Page
  • Work with Dynamic HIML and Dreamweaver -Define Dynamic HTML, Build Style Sheet Web Pages, Layers, Timelines
  • Create Next-Generation Code, Extend with XML, Understand JavaScript

Fees: €250

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