Certificate in Writing Skills for Journalism


Certificate in Writing Skills for Journalism – Fetac Level 5

Course Aim

  • This course covers the range of writing undertaken by print journalists, reporters or anyone who has to write reports or reviews on events or issues.
  • The learner will gain skills in the different language conventions used in human interest stories, editorials, reviews, feature articles, sports.
  • Candidates can go on to study other business modules and progress to further qualifications in business or media.

Course Outline

1. Writing News Stories

  • Hard news, human interest stories, court reports and interviews.
  • Demonstrate different house styles (e.g. quality, tabloid, radio/TV).
  • Use the 5 Ws+H scheme and employ the inverted pyramid construction, i.e., least important matter to be left to last.

2. Writing Editorials

  • Research the information necessary to write an editorial.
  • Demonstrate an impersonal style.
  • Express an awareness of other points of view.
  • Put forward a clear opinion from a pre-determined point of view.

3. Writing Reviews

  • Present practical information, e.g., location, date, author, publisher.
  • Write a critical assessment of different pieces of work, e.g., book, film, play, exhibition, music concert.

4. Writing Feature Articles

  • Research an article on a topical subject.
  • Plan and organise a coherent presentation of material.
  • Present a background article on a current event.
  • Write a column on an area of special interest.

5: The Law and the Journalist

  • Courts and the legal aspects of court reporting.
  • The constitution and legislation on protecting a person’s good name.
  • Distinguish between civil and criminal charges.
  • Distinguish between slander and libel and outline the law.
  • Copyright law, Broadcasting Authority Act etc.

Course Work

  • A collection of work including a hard news story, human interest story, editorial, review and feature.
  • An assignment on legal issues in journalism.

Wednesday, 7pm – 10pm, 12 weeks

Entry Requirements
FETAC Level 4, Leaving Certificate or Leaving Certificate Applied, mature students with relevant work or life experience, English language proficiency if appropriate.


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