Cert in Web Design and Multimedia


Certificate in Web Design and Multimedia  – FETAC Level 5

Course Aims

The aim of the Multimedia Technology module is to give students a broad grounding in issue surrounding Multimedia, including the role of and design of Multimedia Systems which incorporate digital audio, graphics and video, sound, pictures and video, data compression and transmission, integration of media, multimedia authoring, and delivery of multimedia.

The Web Design module is designed to enable the learner to acquire the skills necessary to establish, develop and maintain an interactive Web site. The learner will understand the principles and use of interactivity on the World Wide Web and the Internet. The applications Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Movie Maker, Photostory, JavaScript, Fireworks and HTML will be used.

Course Content

Web Design–  FETAC Level 5

  • Understand the basic principles of HTML and use common HTML mark-up tags to modify the layout of a web page
  • Use a web authoring application to design and format web pages, format text, and work with hyperlinks and tables
  • Incorporate pictures, videos and create forms in a web page
  • Design an on-line booking/shopping website
  • Understand and use cascading style sheets (CSS)
  • Site Management, Publishing and maintaining a website
  • Design an  Interactive Website

Multimedia Technology – FETAC Level 5

  • Understand the Flash interface and the tools it uses to create animation
  • Create and edit a video using Flash
  • Use Windows Movie Maker to create and edit videos
  • Use Adobe Photoshop to edit photos, create pictures, graphics
  • Use Audacity to create audio files for online podcasts create interactive animations or presentations using Director MX 2004

Wednesday, 7pm – 10pm, 24 weeks.  Please contact us if you would like to reserve a place.

Trainee Progression Opportunities

Trainees will be ready to take up positions in web design, e-business, e-marketing, multimedia related fields in SMEs or public sector organisations.


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