Adobe Connect


Adobe Connect

Course Aims and Opportunities
Learners will gain an understanding of how to create Adobe Connect presentations and host Adobe Connect meetings. This course covers recording and editing slide narration; publishing locally; adding quizzes, animations, links, files and video content to a presentation. Once the presentation has been created, this course provides the skills necessary to create and manage a live Adobe Acrobat Connect Internet meeting. The course also covers how to create and manage training courses using Adobe Connect.

Course Outline

  • Introducing Adobe Connect
    • Adding audio to presentations using Adobe Connect
    • Recording slide narration
    • Editing and importing audio
  • Adding animations, links, and files using Adobe Connect
    • Customizing Adobe Connect presentations
    • Setting slide navigation names
    • Adding presenter information, slide videos & customising themes
  • Publishing Adobe Connect presentations
  • Adding Flash content using Adobe Connect
    • Adding quizzes using Adobe Connect
    • Creating and managing an Adobe Connect Meeting Room
    • Sharing presentations and quizzes in Adobe Connect
  • Sharing static text and images in Adobe Connect
    • Using a whiteboard in Adobe Connect
    • Screen sharing in Adobe Connect
    • Sharing Flash content in Adobe Connect
    • Managing the  Connect meeting library
  • Using audio and video in Adobe Connect
    • Broadcasting presenter audio
    • Using voice over IP (VOIP) for conversations
    • Broadcasting presenter video
  • Managing text messages and questions in Adobe Connect
    • Sending text messages
    • Moderating chat
  • Sharing files, polls, and web links in Adobe Connect
  • Recording Adobe Connect meetings

October 2016, Thursday, 7pm – 10pm, 3 weeks

Entry Requirements
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