Enrolment Policy

Rossan College policy is to welcome all applications and to promote open access for all to our education and training programmes.  However, external examining bodies may stipulate minimum entry requirements for certain courses.

Students enrolling on externally examined courses should be familiar with the guidelines pertaining to that body.

Places on all courses are allocated to students who are first booked and paid, subject to vacancies.

We want you to make an informed decision and choose the course which is best for you.  To assist you in choosing the right course, please telephone us or drop in to meet with Rossan College staff to discuss your best options.

To secure a place on any course, you can book and pay on-line at www.rossan.com or through the office.  A booking form must be completed and returned along with minimum course deposit to:  Rossan College, Ballyraine, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.

Course fees are payable in full two weeks before the start date of your course.  However, please ask about fee instalment plans if you would prefer to spread out the payments.

Your place will not be reserved until your fees are paid.

Once a course has commenced no refunds of fees will be paid.  A credit note may be issued in certain circumstances.

NB: We reserve the right not to commence a course where circumstances demand.  If a course does not commence for any reason, all fees paid will be refunded without deduction or delay.

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